Brief Curriculum Vitae

Irinia Delinа* is a poet, philosopher, musician, script-writer and an artist.
M. A. in Philosophy – Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”
Institute of Culture – Bulgarian Academy of Science, 1986-1991
Assistant Professor of Philosophy in South-West University, Department of Metaphysics 1991-1995
Editor-in-chief of Omnisemantism Publishing House 1992-1998
Lecturer – The New Aesthetic Shift – National Palace of Culture, Sofia, 1995-1997
Producer and Host of Intellectual Satiricon – Evrocom TV, 1998- 1999
World Congress on Peace and Time, Costa Rica, 1999
NASA Conference, Costa Rica ,1999
State of the World Forum – Millennium Conference, New York, 2000
Zero Point Field Energy Project, San Francisco 2004-2006
Foundation for the Law of Time, collaboration with Jose Arguelles, 2007-2011
World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2010
Project Human Thought Beam – collaboration with Global Coherence Initiative, HeartMath Institute and Foundation for the Law of Time – 2011
Quantum Mind, San Rafael, CA, 2012
Member of Advisory Board of G2 Institute for Integral Aesthetics, Sausalito, CA 2010- 2013
Founder and director of Voice and Void Theatre Company, Berkeley – Sofia, 2015
Director and producer of Rimbaud – musical drama, and I, Justine, or the Misfortunes of Innocence, 2015- 2016.
Mozart’s Requiem – Sofia, 2013.

* Irinia Delin, Irina Delina


Books and Publications

“Corpus Dei” – 1991, poetry book
“Hermes” – poetry magazine –1990 –2010 – more than 20 publications
“Libido Significandi or the Lust for Meaning” , I & II volume– co-author with Johann Ge Moll,
Regent Press, CA, 2007 – “…one of the richest and most unique book of our time…” – Martha Senger.
“I, Justine, or the Misfortunes of Innocence. Gesualdo, or the Misfortunes of Cruelty” English-Bulgarian (bilingual) edition, Altera, Sofia, 2010
Co-author of project for “Theatre of Intellectual Sensitivity – after Artaud and Grotowski”.