Libido Significandi or the Lust for Meaning 1 & 2 Volume, 2007, Regent Press, Berkeley, California

Boyko Penchev, Ph D, literary critic

“…the extremely interesting writings of Dr. Ge Moll, who is clearly an intellectually courageous psychiatrist… he has thought deeply about the problems in this held and come the conclusions similar to those at which I arrived.”
T. SZASZ, M.D., PROF. OF PSYCHIATRY, Founder of American Anti-psychiatry, Professor of New York State University at Syracuse, New York

“This book represents an unusually high caliber of erudition, an unusually broad range of many different fields of sciences, philosophy, psychoanalysis, semiotics, etc., and a most credible and interesting way of integrating the contributions from these various areas”.
The work demonstrates “a true scholars and a rare ones indeed.”
PROF JAMES S. CROTSTEIN, M.D. .Vice President of North American Psychoanalytic Association

“I am deeply impressed by this outstanding work of thought, which is of great philosophical and scientific interest, and also from a semiotic point of view.”
“… the English version will become an international success.”
JEFF BERNARD, Ed.- in – Chief EJSS, President of International Association of Semiotic Studies, Vienna

“On the basis of his immensely broad investigations and his creative artistic experience, he has proposed a synthesis of nearly all the ruling disciplines…”
“…Dr. Ge Moll may one day be a voice that is heard in America”
WILLIAM LOVITT, Professor of Philosophy, California State University, Sacramento

“The book proved to be a Bulgarian bestseller, became even more popular than the famous Stephen King.”
“… more than 1300 copies were sold almost immediately.”
GEORGI TSANKOV, Ph. D, Literary Critic

“No book with such contents, has ever appeared until now. Only that is enough for one to touch this volcano of vanguard ideas transcending the whole knowledge, which has gathered strength for so many years before exploding today”
VALENTIN TANEV, Book Reviewer-“24 Hours”, Sofia